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ven 19 apr


Sale Docks

CLIMATE ASSEMBLY | Museum of the Commons

within the framework of the project Museum of the Commons L’internationale Climate Assembly comes together in Venice to debate the positioning of partner institutons vis a vis toxic philanthropy and the role of our art and cultural institutions in the present environmental and geopolitical crisis

CLIMATE ASSEMBLY | Museum of the Commons
CLIMATE ASSEMBLY | Museum of the Commons

Orario & Sede

19 apr 2024, 10:00 – 12:00

Sale Docks, Fondamenta Zattere Ai Saloni, 265, 30123 Venezia VE, Italia

Info sull'evento

Museum of the Commons. This  is the fourth cooperative project led by L’Internationale, focusing on  the themes of climate, translocal cooperation, and artistic strategies  of healing and repair. Museum of the Commons weaves together three  transversal thematic threads corresponding to key challenges  contemporary societies are facing: Climate tackles  issues of the current planetary climate crisis, the sustainability of  institutional, artistic and cultural practices and processes, and the  urgency of transforming our politics, societies, cultures and ways of  life. Situated Organisations queries  the role of museums and art organisations as actors in complex social  networks and ecosystems, to seek new ways of democratizing institutions  and to render them more open, inclusive and useful. The final thread, Past in the Present,  focuses on the crucial roles our local and shared histories hold in  constituting contemporary identities, politics, societies and cultures,  investigating the persistence and long-lasting impact of historical and  current environmental and colonial violence. In doing so, the  confederation seeks to mobilise art and culture as strategic tools in  processes of healing, reconstruction and repair of damage that has been  inflicted.


What:  L’Internationale is a European confederation of museums, arts  organisations and universities, founded in 2009. It takes its name from  the 19th century worker’s anthem written by Eugène Pottier

Why:  L’Internationale was founded to offer an alternative model to  globalising art institutions that replicate the structures of  multinational powers and their centralised distribution of knowledge.  Believing in the power of art to be a platform for the discussion of a  renewed social contract, we advocate for a new internationalist model  that challenges exclusivity and emphasizes common heritage through  interconnected archives and constituent-led approaches, fostering  individual and collective emancipation.

Who: In its current configuration L’Internationale brings together eight major European art institutions: HKW (Berlin, Germany); MSU (Zagreb, Croatia); Museo Reina Sofía(Madrid, Spain); MACBA (Barcelona, Spain); M HKA, (Antwerp, Belgium); MSN(Warsaw, Poland), Salt (Istanbul, Turkiye), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven, the Netherlands), with Institute of Radical Imagination (Naples,Italy), (Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi, Romania),and VCRC (Kyiv, Ukraine). L’Internationale has three academic partners: HDK-Valand (Gothenburg, Sweden), NCAD (Dublin, Ireland) and ZRC SAZU(Ljubljana, Slovenia) and three associate organisations IMMA (Dublin, Ireland), MG+MSUM (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and WIELS (Forest, Belgium).

How:  L’Internationale’s principle funder is the Creative Europe Programme of  the European Union. The current EU funded programme, ‘Museum of the  Commons’ runs from February 2023 – December 2026 and includes a €2m  grant that is match funded by the partners of the programme. The  confederation works across programming (exhibitions, seminars, schools,  residencies, public programmes) research and publishing (through  L’Internationale Online), and communication.

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